Three Tips on How to Dress Classy

Aaron Matthew Ang

Dressing up in a classy style helps you reinvent yourself, especially so when you have a new job or you are aiming for that promotion. It never goes out of fad. The classy dress you bought today will still be in style many years from now. A pair of classic stud earrings will still be fashionable compared to the next 20 pairs of trendy ones you will buy. Elegance is something you can wear everyday. And it appeals to almost all occasions—dinner, office, lunch, shopping, and travelling.    

But how?

Choose the Right Fabric
Classic clothing is made of materials that will last through time. Examples of these are wool, linen, silk, and cotton. If you care properly for clothing of this material, it will last for decades. These materials also emit a vibe of elegance.

These materials are also flexible. Jeans, for one, is made of cotton. Denim wear is an example of a clothing that can cut across multiple styles. Denim is used in pants and blazers. Denim looks cool for street wear and minimalist look. Denim pants, coupled with cashmere tops, will look perfect for a classy look.

Wear Solid Colors
Matt's Expo Elegant Black Workwear Minimalist Off Shoulder Black DressBold prints are loud. Although some people can get away with it, you may need to start off with solid neutrals. Examples of these are cream, white, black, gray, and blue. You should have plenty of these in your closet.

We are not suggesting that you dress in all black or all blue. There many dresses made in solid colors and yet are accentuated here and there. A great example is found here. What you can do is to add variation by using monochromatic selection. This means you can choose a pair that has the same color base but have different shades.

Another option is to accentuate using an eye-catching accessory, like a belt or scarf. If you have an all-black dress, don’t you think it will look good on a pair of red pumps?

Avoid Over Exposure
Matt's Expo Cut Out Backless Dress Solid Color Sexy DressClassy means modesty. Wearing a dress that exposes half your chest isn’t classy, it is trashy. Super mini- skirts are also not allowed. The preferred neckline is collared. You can also opt for a V-neck or boatneck collar, but never a deep V.

Always keep your cleavage covered or at the very least, minimize exposure. In addition, the armholes should be comfortable but not wide enough to expose your undergarments. Your belly button should also stay covered.

The ideal length of the dress is just a little above or below the knee. This length is flexible enough that you can wear between summer and corporate events.

Being classy does not always mean you have to spend so much money. Don’t break the bank buying signature clothes at $100 when you can buy classy clothes for less than $50. And because the style is classy, the clothing will last for years. You do not have to keep up with the trend because a classy dress is an indispensable style in fashion.

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